Digital Posters

Due to the overwhelming number of submissions, we were unable to accommodate all abstracts into the live NSS 2024 program, so are excited to offer digital posters to cater for the vast variety of quality presentations received.

We are excited to welcome the following digital presenters to the 2024 Non-Surgical Symposium.

Paper Title
Siddhartha Baxi
Radiation Oncologist
Rhenium-Skin Cancer Therapy (SCT) is an effective, innovative, non-invasive single-session paste for the treatment non-melanoma skin cancer.
Olivia Boddeus
CEO, Founder
From Chaos to Control: Practical Insights into Clinic Efficiency
Byong Seung Cho
Hair repigmentation of the poliosis circumscripta in androgenetic alopecia (AGA) patient treated with exosomes and fractional picosecond laser: Case Report
Charlene DeHaven
Clinical Director
Innovative Skincare
Topical Control of Hyperpigmentation with Minimal Complication Risk
Sarah Hughes
Learning and Development Manager
International Dermal Institute
The Hyperpigmentation Challenge- how to effectively treat across all Fitzpatrick’s
Davin Lim
Curtis Clinic
Direct comparison between 755 nm picosecond laser versus 1927 nm non-ablative fractional laser in the treatment of photoaging and pigmentation in skin types 1-3
Darren Ng
Lasers In Medicine
An alternative solution for a non-invasive facial rejuvenation
Catherine Stone
Cosmetic Doctor
The Face Place
A novel approach to facial rejuvenation by treating facial soft tissue.
Lina M Vargas
President, Owner
Lumina Vein & Aesthetic Institute
Broadband Light and 1927 nm Laser Combination Treatment: A Novel Approach for Skin Rejuvenation
Jimmy Wang
Cosmetic Doctors
Jimmy’s Skin And Cosmetics
Combining hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin type A and platelet-rich plasma to improve skin hydration and rejuvenation.
Agnes Warchalowski
Cosmetic Physician
Case Studies: Incobotulinum Toxin A For Management of Rosacea, A Comprehensive Assessment of Its Action

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