NSS 2024 Program THEME

Ethical and Evidence Based Good Practice

Program Topics

Facial Aesthetics Focusing on the Following Areas

  • Forehead and temple
  • Periorbital and mid face
  • Lips
  • Noses
  • Chin, jawline and neck
  • Hands
  • Innovations and new ideas

Care of the Skin

  • Skin rejuvenation using:
    – Using laser and light-based treatments
    – Using cosmeceuticals and medical grade skin care
  • Beyond skincare: holistic management of common skin concerns
  • Common dermatological skin conditions
  • Body treatments
  • Combination modalities to achieve outcomes
  • Sharing positive patient before and afters (and everything in between)

Advanced Skincare Topics

  • Unique approaches to skin of colour
  • Menopausal skin changes
  • Male or female specific therapies
  • Innovations and new ideas
  • Advanced skin treatments – face

Contouring and Care of the Body

  • Innovations and new ideas
  • Advanced treatments – body
  • Menopausal body changes
  • Innovations and new ideas
  • Hair restoration technologies

Business and Risk Mitigation

  • Innovative business ideas
  • Business success
  • Case studies and practical problem solving of business roadblocks
  • Successful practice management systems and protocols
  • Social media

Mindfulness and Wellness

  • Self care for practitioners
  • Case studies
  • Building a support network

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