James Vivian


If anyone knows the power of good skincare, it’s James Vivian. In 2004, a facial literally changed his life, inspiring him to swap a career in music for one in dermal therapies. Determined to share the feel-good effects of amazing skincare, James launched award-winning mobile dermal therapies clinic, The Travelling Peelsman, in 2010. Arriving at homes and offices in a Mini and armed with his bag of tricks, James quickly earned a loyal following with his holistic approach to skincare, intuitive expertise and genuine commitment to his clients. Word spread and as client numbers grew, The Travelling Peelsman stopped travelling and set up a clinic in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, joined by a carefully selected team of experienced therapists. Dubbed a skincare luminary, James’s dedication, care and innate understanding of the links between skin, mind, body and environment flow through his clinics, making each visit an experience that goes far beyond skincare.

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