Dr Agnieszka Warchalowski


Dr Agnes Warchalowski MBBS, BHSc, FRACGP has been a practicing Cosmetic Physician and Nutritional Medicine Practitioner for 15 years. She is also the Managing Director of BioAesthetics and founder of Bio-Alai.

In the field of cosmetic medicine, Dr Agnes’ areas of specialty include dermal fillers and botulinum toxin injections for common and emerging indications. She is a trainer in cosmetic injectables for Merz Aesthetics Australia and Grayclay College where she encourages conservative treatment and a patient-focussed approach.

In the field of nutritional medicine, Dr Agnes incorporates personalised nutrition, epigenetic reprogramming, and longevity medicine to support the foundations of cellular repair and regeneration. She has a special interest in inflammatory disorders such as obesity, lipedema, skin ageing and other dermatological presentations. Her practice focusses on interventions to reverse inflammation and inflammaging and optimise the underlying physiological processes responsible for health and longevity.

Dr Agnes has presented widely on nutritional interventions for prevention and management of inflammatory conditions and their potential role in attenuating post-treatment inflammatory complications. She believes that nutrient therapies are an essential adjunct treatment modality in aesthetic medicine. Her many years of clinical experience, combined with current and emerging research, are incorporated into her course for aesthetic practitioners, “Nutrient Therapies in the Aesthetic Setting”. The course provides a framework for the safe and appropriate implementation of evidence-based nutritional interventions. In addition, her company, Bio-Alai, offers practitioners streamlined nutritional solutions for their patients with practitioner-only complementary medicines and on-line personalised nutritional programs to simplify the process of optimising health and improving aesthetic outcomes for patients.

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