Anita East


Anita East is the CEO of Anita East Medispa, a clinic specialising in non-surgical cosmetic medicine. A Nurse Practitioner, Anita: award-winning author and modern beauty expert, has consulted thousands of women who often have no idea what really makes them uniquely beautiful. She has created two skincare lines, BU Unique Teen for teens and BU Beautiful Unique Face for adults.

Anita loves to write and holds a BSc, MA in Acting, and an MSN. Mother to two darling daughters, Anita is determined to make the world a safer and more accepting place for when they grow up and ask, “Am I beautiful enough?”

Beautiful Unique Faces, Anita’s first book, was released in late 2020. A Best Seller in the UK, Beautiful Unique Faces has seen Anita with a global following, making her a regarded thought leader and public figure in female health, empowerment, wellness, and beauty. Beautiful Unique Faces won a series of awards for its message. Self Help – gold (Feathered Quill), Beauty – gold (International Book Awards), Debut Author – bronze (Feathered Quill), Making a Difference – gold (Roar), and Women’s Champion – silver (AusMumpreneur).

Anita released Beautiful Unique Faces – Second Edition in September 2022.

An expert in the concept of modern beauty, Anita is often called upon to present at meetings both in Australia and internationally. Presenting alongside Malala Yousafzai at the British Council in Pakistan for the 2021 Women of the World Festival, the International Women’s conference for the Student Economic Forum, and various medical conferences. She has written for the peer-review journal; Plastic and Aesthetic Nursing, as well as beauty magazines; Spa & Clinic, The Latch, Body & Soul, and Professional Beauty. Listed by Newsltd Qld as one of Brisbane’s most influential businesswomen, Anita is a regular guest on various Australian and international podcast and radio segments.

Anita worked as a professional actor on various homegrown soaps such as Neighbours and Offspring, a TV Presenter for Sky Sports and the BBC, and as a professional singer with the English National Opera.
In truth, educating people through storytelling is Anita’s passion.


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