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The 2017 nonsurgical symposium is going to be simply outstanding.

I would like to introduce the international key opinion leaders and also draw attention to our regular local contributors by highlighting their participation in the meeting with just a couple of titles that each has submitted. The contributions will be far greater with additional talks, contribution to panels and of course the chance to have face-to-face discussions with them during the breaks with your colleagues and industry partners.

Jay Burns (US plastic surgeon),  is a plastic surgeon from Dallas and has been involved with premarket research having been  responsible for bringing many of the devices we use to market.

  • Coolsculpting: The Coolmini FDA Study
  • Does skin tightening work?
  • Erbium and fractional laser: When and where to use them

Patricia Ogilvie (German dermatologist),  is a dermatologist in Munich, studied through Germany and Switzerland and has published scientific papers in biochemistry, immunology, clinical dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

  • Beauty versus attractiveness. What we need to know to optimize patient´s outcome
  • Skin Quality: the underestimated key to beautification
  • Male- female attractiveness- differentiated treatment approaches

Nowell Solish (Canadian dermatologist), is a cosmetic dermatologist and academically is the Director of Dermatological Surgery in Toronto. He is Past President of the Canadian Society of Dermatologic Surgery. He is a very engaging and entertaining educator.

  • How fillers affect facial animation
  • Milennials in your practise
  • Complex cases from my practise and how to approach them (fillers and toxin)

Julius Few (US plastic surgeon), Julius is a Clinical Professor for the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Chicago. He is the architect of the Continuum of BeautyTM, a lifelong aesthetic approach to achieving natural looking results by strategically blending cutting-edge surgical and nonsurgical treatments.

  • Stacking nonsurgical technology in facial rejuvenation
  • Blending nonsurgical body techniques and surgical body contouring

Gabriela Casabona (Brazilian dermatologist), Gabriela is a Brazilian dermatologist. Her expertise includes nonsurgical aesthetics, thread lifting procedures and combining injectables with devices.

  • Combination of calcium hydroxylapathite  and  microfocssed ultrasound for improvement of cellulite
  • A novel treatment of stretch marks : calcium hydroxylaphathite and microneedling
  • Advanced Algorithm to Customize use of Botulinum Toxin

Steven Fagien (US oculoplastic surgeon),  Steven is an oculoplastic surgeon in Florida. He is an acknowledged expert in aesthetic eyelid plastic surgery and advanced applications of neurotoxin and injectable fillers. He has edited, authored or contributed to more than 350 articles, abstracts, book chapters and texts. He is one of the authors on the definitive papers relating to blindness following injectables.

  • The Current Status of Pathophysiology, Reversal, and Prevention of Visual Loss Associated with Injectable Fillers
  • Low Concentration HA for the Treatment and Reversal of Facial Lines and Beyond

Benoit Hendrix (Belgium plastic surgeon), Benoit is a consultant plastic surgeon at the Brussels University Hospital, has studied extensively through the UK and has spent time in Melbourne with the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery. He coordinates a yearly held ISAP’s facial anatomy fresh could armour dissection course in Liege, Belgium. His practice has a concerted focus on facial surgical and nonsurgical aesthetics.

  • Anatomical danger zones: using your knowledge of anatomy to prevent severe complications

Rodrigo Ferraz (Brazilian dermatologist), Rodrigo is a Brazilian dermatologist who has a combined clinical, surgical and cosmetic practice. He has extensive experience with fillers, skin boosters and neurotoxins. He has extensive experience training others with advanced filler and toxin techniques.

  • Treatment of the male patient (Concept, BoNT, fillers and PLLA) 
  • PLLA for global rejuvenation 
  • Facial assessment

And of course our local experts don’t need introductions.

Greg Goodman

  • What is skin quality?
  • Understanding your skin
  • Decreasing pain of injections
  • Kybella

Steven Liew

  • Vascular complications : The current status,Prevention and Management and My concerns
  • Facial Aging in Different Races: The differences, The rationale of management
  • Nasolabial  Fold Resurgence?  The aetiolgy and the treatment strategy

Tim Papadopoulos

  • Orbital aging changes
  • Ethnic differences in the facial skeleton